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About the inSync client interface



The following table lists the UI elements on the inSync client interface.

User Interface Element Description
Summary page
Preferences page
My Account page
inSync mobile app icons
  • When you click this icon, the location from where you can download the inSync mobile app for your mobile device appears.

inSync system tray icons

The following table lists the description of the inSync system tray icon.

Icon Description
icon1.gif Backup completed successfully. 



Data backup is in progress.
icon2.gif inSync is paused.
icon3.gif Backup was disrupted or connection to inSync Master was lost. 
icon4.gif inSync Share folder is updated. 

We have not released a new version of the inSync client for Linux in inSync 5.4.2. You can continue using inSync client 5.4 for Linux with inSync Server 5.4.2. For more information, see inSync system tray icons.

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