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The deployment roadmap


This topic explains the inSync Professional deployment roadmap.

Deployment roadmap

This table describes the high-level steps for deploying inSync Professional. 

Step 1

While planning your deployment, consider the following factors:

  • Where do I install the inSync server?
  • How many storages do I create?
  • What should the size of each storage be?
  • How many profiles do I create?
  • How do I deploy inSync client on user devices?

For more information, see Planning for inSync deployment - FAQ.

Step 2

Install and configure the inSync server. For more information, see Installing inSync Server.

Step 3 Create storages. For more information, see, Creating storages.
Step 4 Create profiles. For more information, see Creating profiles.
Step 6 Create inSync users. For more information, see Creating users.
Step 7 Install inSync client on user devices. For more information, see Activating inSync client for a user.
Step 8 Complete additional configuration activities. For more information, see Other Configuration Activities.
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