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User, Device, and IMD FAQs

Will I be logged out of inSync Admin Console because of inactivity?

Yes. inSync Admin Console logs you out if you are inactive for 300 minutes.

In what scenarios user data is encrypted?

In the following two scenarios:

  • If you have enabled encryption for Windows laptops, inSync encrypts data in the backup folders of the user’s laptop during backup.
  • The data is by default encrypted when inSync client is copying the data to the storage.

How are inSync users authenticated?

inSync users are authenticated in the following two ways:

  • They can use the password assigned to them by inSync.
  • They can use their Active Directory user ID and password.

I have disabled certain devices. Can backed up or shared data be accessed through them?

No. The users cannot access their backed up or shared data if their devices have been disabled.

I have disabled certain inSync users. Can they still access their backed up or shared data?

No. The disabled users cannot access their restore points or share data. Only the inSync administrator can access backed up and shared data of the disabled users.

Are unsuccessful login attempts logged?

No. inSync does not log unsuccessful login attempts.

What are the different ways in which I can add users to my inSync setup?

There are three different ways in which you can add users to your inSync setup:

Multiple users have their accounts on the same laptop. Can inSync client back up data for all users of that laptop? Can one user access the inSync data of the other?

A single inSync client cannot backup data for all users of that laptop. In this case, inSync client must be installed and activated for each user account on that laptop. No other user can access backed up data of another user. The backed up data can only be accessed by the owner of that data or by the inSync administrator. 

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