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Manage Storage page

About Manage Storage page

This page lists the storage that you have created with their details.

Storage List

The following table describes the fields in the Storage List tab:

Field Description
Storage Name The name of the storage.

Storage Size

The amount of data contained in the storage.

Storage Used The amount of data present on the storage now. The absolute value as well as the percentage data occupied is displayed. For example, 747.26 MB (0.15%) indicates that the storage has 747.26 MB of data which is 0.15% of its total capacity.
# Users The total number of users linked to the storage.
Storage Status The health of the storage. The values displayed are Healthy and Unhealthy.
Dedupe Ratio The ratio between the storage space occupied by the backup data after deduplication and the storage space required to store the same data without deduplication. For example, the storage may contain 1 GB of data. However, because of deduplication, only 341 MB of disk space is being occupied in the storage. The deduplication ratio is then 1:3.  
DB Data The amount of data in the database folder of the storage.
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