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Viewing audit trail for user activities

Viewing user activities

To view user activities

  1. On the menu bar, click Analytics.
  2. Click the User Audit Trail tab. 
  3. From the Activity Type list, filter a user activity that you want to view.
  4. From the Time Period list, select a period for which you want to view the user activity.

User activity filters

You can filter user activities by the following activity types:

  • All: All activities of all users.
  • Folder shared: A folder was shared by a user with other inSync Share users for collaboration.
  • Folder unshared: A folder was removed from share by a user.
  • Collaborator added: A new user was added to the list of collaborators for a shared folder.
  • Collaborator removed: A user was removed from the list of collaborators for a shared folder.
  • Collaborator permission changed: Permission for a collaborator on a folder was changed from view to edit or from edit to view
  • Link created: A user created a download link for a file.
  • Link expired: A download link stopped being active.
  • Link deleted: A download link was deleted by the user.
  • Data restore: A user restored data backed up from the device to a specified location.
  • Data download: A user downloaded data backed up from the device.
  • Mobile access: A user accessed data backed up from the mobile.

Time period filter

Based on the time period that you select from the Time Period list, inSync displays the user activities. The time period is dependent on how the audit retention period is configured. By default, the audit retention period for the users is set for 30 days. Thus, the options available to you in the Time Period list are Today, Last 7 days, and Last 30 days. To view user activities for more than 30 days, you must change the audit trail retention policy for the users.

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