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Using VSS during backup from Windows laptops

About volume backups

The VSS feature allow volume backups while applications on a laptop continue to write to the volumes. VSS captures and copies stable images for backup on laptops without affecting the performance and stability of the services.

inSync uses either of these methods for volume backups. 

  • Backup using VSS: When backup starts, inSync creates a snapshot of backup folders using the VSS. Backup is created using this snapshot. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync backs up data by reading all files except locked files from the file system.  
  • Backup from live data: inSync backs up data by reading files from the file system. If a locked file is detected, inSync creates a snapshot of the locked file and creates a backup of the locked file. In event of a failure to create a snapshot, inSync skips locked files from backup. 
Note: For Mac or Linux laptops, inSync uses Backup from live data. 

Enabling backup using

To enable backup using VSS

  1. Log on to inSync server.
  2. Open the file <inSyncServer4>/inSyncServer.cfg in a text editor.
  3. Set the parameter Force_VSS to True.
  4. Save your changes. 

Enabling backup from live data

To enable backup from live data

  1. Log on to inSync server.
  2. Open the file <inSyncServer4>/inSyncServer.cfg using any text editing tool.
  3. Make sure that the parameter Force_VSS is set to False.
  4. Save your changes. 

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