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Adding users individually

Before you begin

Make sure that:

  • The profile that you want to assign to the user is created.
  • The storage on which data from the user devices will be backed up is created and ready to use.


To add users individually

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Users.
  2. Click Create New.


  3. Enter the user details. For more information, see Fields in the Create New User window.
  4. Click Create User.

The newly created user receives an email containing the inSync credentials.

Fields in the Create New User window

Field Action
Email address Enter the email address of the user. The inSync account details is sent to the user at this address.
Name Enter the display name of the user.
Profile Select a profile that you want to associate the user with.
Storage Select a storage where you want data to be backed up from the user's devices.
User Quota

Enter the maximum data that the backup and share folder of the user's devices can contain. Backups or share from user devices will fail is data exceeds the quota. If you do not want any restriction on the amount of data the user can back up or share, enter 0 (zero).

Note: By default, the quota assigned to the profile is displayed as the user quota. You can assign a different quota for the user you are creating. If you do so, changes made to the quota on the profile will not be applicable for the user.
Subject If required, modify the subject of the account activation email that will be sent to the user.
Body If required, modify the body of the account activation email that will be sent to the user.
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