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Enabling HTTPS access to inSync Admin Console and inSync Web

Enabling HTTPS access

By default, the HTTP protocol is used for accessing inSync Admin Console. You can configure inSync to use the secure HTTPS protocol to access inSync Admin Console. When you enable HTTPS protocol for inSync Admin Console, by default, inSync server uses a self-signed certificate. Because this certificate is self-signed, an untrusted certificate alert is displayed while accessing inSync Admin Console. You can replace the self-signed certificate with your own SSL certificate.  

Access to inSync Web, the Web UI for inSync end-users, is always through HTTPS. By default, inSync server uses a self-signed certificate for this purpose. This results in the untrusted certificate alert when a user accesses inSync Web. When you upload your own SSL certificate, the alert is not displayed.

Note: Druva recommends that in a production environment, you load an SSL certificate. If you decide to not load your organization's SSL certificate, inform your users to ignore the untrusted certificate alert while accessing inSync Web.


Before you begin: If you plan to load an SSL certificate, obtain a .pem certificate from a Certificate Authority and export it without the private key to a folder on your computer.

To enable HTTPS access

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Settings.
  2. Click the Network tab.
  3. Under Network Settings, click Edit. The Network Settings window appears.
  4. Select HTTPS access to Admin Console and End-User Web UI.


  5. Click the folder icon to select the SSL certificate that you want to upload. 
  6. Click Save.
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