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Post-upgrade configurations

Modifying the quota assigned to users

The versions earlier than 5.2 defined quota as the space within storage that was allocated to a user. With every backup or synchronization operation from a user device, incremental data was added till the quota permitted.
Starting with version 5.2, quota is defined as the size of native data that is backed up or synchronized from user devices. Users exceeding this quota can simply delete backup folders or shared folders, thus ensuring that backups do not halt.

To align with the new definition, an inSync administrator should reduce quota assigned to each user.

Loading an SSL certificate for restores

Starting with version 5.3, you can choose to enable web restores (via inSync Web) for users of your organization. inSync Web interacts with the inSync server over a secure HTTP connection. The inSync server uses a self-signed certificate to authentication access. That is why users see an untrusted certificate message on their Web browsers every time initiate a restore.

To avoid the untrusted certificate message, load an SSL certificate of the .pem type. Alternatively, you can educate your end-users about the untrusted certificate message.
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