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Release Details

New features and enhancements

This following table contains the list of new features and enhancements introduced in version 5.3.1 of inSync Professional.

Improved backup and restore experience
  • Real-time adjustments to bandwidth fluctuations ensuring a fair distribution of available bandwidth among inSync clients and a smooth backup and restore experience.
Data governance
  • Administrators can put users on legal hold and preserve their data for custodians.
Efficient administration
  • Administrators can disable backups over different types of data networks.
  • User rollout report providing administrators complete transparency on deployment and first use of inSync client in an organization.
  • More options for administrators when granting users the ability to restrict administrator access to their data.
Deeper AD integration
  • Global Catalog and Domain Controller access along with new options for wizard-based or manual specification of Base DN to fast-track user import in multi-domain forest environments.
Enhanced user experience
  • Real-time file-sharing sync status in the inSync client UI.
  • Intelligent handling of files in inSync Share with identical file names but different alphabet cases.
  • Extended platform support for OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1, and new versions of Linux distributions.
Note: For the list of deprecated features, see Feature End of Life Announcement.

Known issues and workarounds

This section contains a list of known issues discovered in version 5.3.1.

Issue Description

Restore of a folder that contains more than 10000 files initiated either from inSync client or from inSync Admin Console fails. During restore, the inSync interface stops responding.

Workaround: Restore from inSync Web.


inSync users cannot restore data over WAN.

Workaround: Restore data over LAN.


If the backup/insync port is changed, the new port number is not visible in the activation email that is sent to the users. 

Workaround: The inSync administrator must manually edit the template for the activation email to include the modified port number.


Sometimes, the profile details pages are not displayed if a storage is unhealthy. This is a rare occurrence.

Workaround: None.

22439 Multiple versions are backed up for files with .eml extension stored in the inSync Share folder even if no changes are made to them. The issue is caused by Windows Search Service.
Workaround: Disable Windows Search Service or turn off Windows Indexing on the Windows computers where inSync client is installed.

When you rename or move any folder in inSync Share when it is being synced, an empty folder with the old name is retained in the inSync Share folder.

Workaround: Avoid renaming or moving a folder immediately after creating it in the inSync Share folder.

On OS X Mavericks, overlay icons in inSync Share are not displayed in the list view. 

Workaround: None. 


On Linux and Mac computers, restore for some special files (such as socket and symbolic link) does not complete.

Workaround: None.

Document preview functionality for documents shared through inSync share links not available.

Workaround: None.


Even after you enable password policy for inSync users, simple passwords that do not adhere to the password policy can be used for inSync clients on Linux computers.

Workaround: None. 


In the German edition of the inSync client, sync status on the UI appears in English.

Workaround: None.

23996 On Linux devices, restore of sock files fail.
Workaround: None.

Integrated mass deployment fails if during AD Mapping, users and groups belong to different domains.

Workaround: Instead of putting users from all the domains to a single universal group, create groups in each subdomains. 


Optimized PST backup from Outlook (MAPI backup) and backup of encrypted files fail if the inSync client is activated by the administrator using authkey.

Syncing of encrypted files also fails if the inSync client is activated by the administrator using authkey.

Workaround: Restart the inSync client service after activating the client using authkey.

24985 Compaction of deleted devices on storage optimized for diskspace savings fails and the following error is displayed: No matching key/data pair found.

Fixed issues in patch 1

This table contains a list of issues fixed in patch 1 of inSync Professional 5.3.1.

Issue Description
24215 Folders created from inSync Web did not inherit parent Access Control List (ACL) properties.
24615 On Mac computers, the sync status on the inSync Client interface appeared complete, but the folders were not synced with inSync Web.
24819 Sometimes, data of active devices was compacted along with data of a deleted devices.
24588 The first backup after activation of inSync Client failed with network errors.

Fixed issues

This table contains a list of issues fixed in version 5.3.1.

Issue Description
23600 Storage became unhealthy if the location of the Database folder was changed.

Customizations to the Reset Password Email template were not applied.

22455 In the Express Configuration or Advanced Configuration wizards, folders were not selected by default under Update Profile.
18598 Syncing of inSync Share folder failed when user data exceeded the assigned quota. However, on the inSync client, the share status appeared as completed.
23515 French and German versions of Getting started.pdf are not available in the inSync Share folder.
20350 On Windows 8 computers, a Help icon appeared on the task bar instead of the inSync client icon. This was observed only after upgrading inSync client to version 5.3.
23856 Sometimes, overlay icons in inSync Share on an OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) computer did not get updated. 
23723 inSync client displayed 100% network bandwidth available even after inSync administrator applied restrictions.
23326 Server start time displayed under Server Usage graph on the Dashboard page of inSync Admin Console did not update after the server was restarted.
22392 Outlook email attachments that were attached by reference were not being backed up.
21758 inSync Server service status were not displayed on Windows OS.
22110 User computer stopped functioning when inSync client tried to back up multiple PST files, each containing in excess of 1.5 GB of data.
23758 In the absence of any restore point on a device, restore check failed and displayed error messages.

Revision information

The revision numbers of the installers for inSync Professional 5.3.1 edition are listed in the following table. The revision number is a part of the installer name. Use the revision number to ensure that you have the correct installer.

Product Revision
inSync server
  • Windows: 23138
  • Linux: 23147
inSync client
  • Windows: 23138
  • Linux: 21121 (inSync Client 5.3 GA)
  • Mac: 23137

Upgrade matrix

If you have an existing installation of inSync Professional edition, you can upgrade to inSync 5.3.1. Use the revision numbers listed in the table to identify if your current installation can be upgraded to inSync 5.3.1.

Upgrade from Revision (Windows) Revision (Linux)
5.3.1 r22685 r22679
5.3 r21115, r21514 r21121, r21519
5.2.2 r20208 r20214
5.2.1 r18737 r18738
5.2 r17835 r17844
5.1.1 r16045, r15483, r15096, r14647 r17692, r15483, r15114, r14650
5.1 r13854, r13450, r12871 r13854, r13450, r13197
5.0.1 r12649, r11506, r10795, r10605, r10415, r10224 r11513, r10799, r10608, r10417, r10227
5.0 r9246, r9092 r9248, r9094
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