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This topic includes the release highlights, new features, and enhancements in inSync 5.3.

Release highlights


Efficient Administration
  • Multi-volume storage allow scaling up your storage when demand exceeds capacity.
  • Platform specific user profiles allow configuration of backup content individually for each OS platform, in a user profile.
  • Flexible user-storage mapping allows IT administrators to move users across regions.
  • Access to end-user logs gives IT administrators insight into client activity.
Rich End-User Experience
  • New inSync client greatly improves the end-user experience with a highly intuitive interface and a small footprint.
  • Extended platform support for inSync client ensures compatibility with OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) and newer versions of Linux distributions.
Deeper IT Visibility and Advanced Security Controls
  • Expanded audit trails provide granular details of admin activities, and extended user activity including data restores and external sharing. Infinite retention and the ability to export audit trails enable the  highest levels of compliance.
  • Mobile content security policies allow IT administrators to enforce a desired level of security when it comes to user access to corporate data on mobile devices.
  • Password protected links provide increased security for shared links. Policies can be set to enforce password protection on all shared links.
Expanded Sharing and Collaboration
  • Collaboration using guests accounts enables bi-directional sharing between end-users and external partners, while providing complete visibility to IT administrators.
  • Drag and drop uploads on inSync Web enable end-users and guest users to collaborate on shared folders from a web browser.
Superior Backup Performance          
  • Improved data deduplication efficiency reduces the amount of data sent to inSync server resulting in up to 2.5x faster backups.
Note: For additional information about the release, see Release Details.

New features and enhancements

This section contains a list of new features introduced with Druva inSync 5.3.

Add volume to storages inSync 5.3 offers greater flexibility of scaling up your storages when demand exceeds capacity.
Flexible user-storage mapping As inSync 5.3 administrators, you now have more control over mapping storages with profiles. On moving the end-users to new storage:
  • End-users start backing up on the new storage immediately.
  • End-users retain their old snapshots on the previous storage.
  • End-users can restore data from any snapshot, even those that are on the old storage.
Support removed for disk space saving storage With inSync 5.3, you can only create storages optimized for performance. However, disk space saving storages that were created in the earlier releases will be supported.
Auto-configuring proxy support

With inSync 5.3, you can mass-deploy proxy server configuration on inSync clients.

inSync supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy types. After deployment, inSync client can access inSync server through proxy servers with static IP address as well as through proxy servers whose details are published through a PAC file or a WPAD URL. It also supports authentication at the proxy server, either through a single user ID and password or through active directory credentials of a user.
The end-users can configure proxy settings during inSync client activation or from the inSync UI.

Improved inSync client UI The inSync client UI is greatly improved in inSync 5.3. 
Some of the improvements are as follows:
  • An always visible action bar that can be used to start backups and restores, pause inSync client, open inSync Share folder, and access inSync Web.
  • A left navigation panel providing quick access to the Summary, Preferences, and My Account pages.
  • Tool tips on buttons and links to guide the users.
  • The Restore button on the action bar now opens the Restore window. In the previous release, it would open the Restore page on inSync Web.
  • Revamped Mac client interface that is inline with Mac style guidelines.
Backup profiles based on operating system

inSync 5.3 offers administrators the ease of configuring laptop backup content based on the operating system of the user devices. The administrator can configure folders, email client, and settings for a specific OS.

Enhanced mobile content security for backup and DLP inSync 5.3 offers administrators variety of options to implement BYOD and content security policies for mobile devices. As an inSync administrator, you can:
  • Mandate content to be backed up based on OS.
  • Mandate device deactivation.
  • Prevent other apps from accessing inSync content.
  • Prevent users from downloading content from inSync server for offline access.
  • Manually wipe inSync container on the mobile devices.

inSync 5.3 offers flexibility to the end-users while backing up their mobile data. The end-users can:

  • Choose to back up their device.
  • Choose the data to be backed up.
  • Specify schedule and resource settings for their backup.
Easy configuration of folders and files for backup inSync 5.3 offers the end-users the ease of configuring folders and files for backup. They can now browse their computers folder hierarchy and select the folders and files for backup.
Enhanced inSync Share Experience

The inSync Share functionality has been vastly improved in this release by adding the following features:

  • End users can now create folders and upload files directly through inSync Web.
  • Administrators can mandate end users to password-protect the links that they share with others. If not mandated, the end users can choose to enable password protection for their links.
  • End users can now collaborate with users outside their organization. The guest users will have access to the folders shared with them through a Web browser, and can upload or modify content in it.
Enhanced administrator and user audit trail inSync 5.3 offers greater transparency on administrator and end user activities.
  • As an inSync administrator, you can view granular details of administrator and user activities.
  • More activities have been added to the user audit trail.
  • The audit trail retention period is customizable.
  • The admin audit trail can be downloaded in CSV or HTML format.
Unity Interface support for inSync client inSync 5.3 adds support for the Unity interface used on Ubuntu computers.
OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) support for inSync client inSync 5.3 adds support for Mac OS X Mavericks.
Improved data depulication efficiency With increased data deduplication, inSync 5.3 saves more space on your storages.
Restoring folders to customized paths on mobile devices With inSync 5.3, you can restore inSync data to the original location or a custom location on the SD card of your mobile device.

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