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Generating a mass deployment token

About mass deployment token

The mass deployment token is a security mechanism used to ensure that inSync server processes activation request from authentic clients. During IMD, when you are installing inSync client on the user laptops using an automated installation tool, you must include the mass deployment token as a parameter for installation. After the user logs on to the laptop, the inSync client sends authentication request along with the user credentials to the inSync server. It also includes the mass deployment token. The inSync server considers only those requests that has a valid mass deployment token.

Consider the following guidelines when generating a mass deployment token:

  • Once you generate a mass deployment token, all previous tokens become invalid. During installation of inSync client, always add the last generated mass deployment token. 
  • You can enable an expiry date for a mass deployment token. inSync server does not consider any request that has an expired token attached to it.  


To generate the mass deployment token

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Settings.
  2. Under the Mass Deployment tab, click Get New Mass deployment Token. The Get New Mass deployment Token window appears.
  3. To set an expiry date for the token, select Enable Expiry Date and specify the date.
  4. Click Create New Token.
  5. Copy the token to a text file. You will need this token when mass-installing inSync client on user laptops.
  6. Click Done.

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