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Remotely deleting data from a device

Ways to delete data from user devices

You might encounter scenarios where deleting data from user devices becomes essential. For example, in the event of device loss, deleting data might ensure that the confidentiality of your organization's data is safeguarded. 

Note: You can only delete data that is backed up or shared using inSync. 

To delete data, you can: 

  • Decommission a device: Decommissioning a device securely wipes out data from the inSync Share and backup folders of a device. You can decommission a device only when inSync server can communicate with it.
  • Enable auto-delete: Enabling auto-delete is a preemptive step to protect data on your device. When enabled, data is automatically deleted from the user device if it does not connect to inSync server for a stipulated period. The auto-delete functionality is applicable only for user laptops and not for mobile devices.
Note: To be able to remotely wipe off data from iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, you must upload an SSL and an APN certificate on the inSync server.

Activating remote device deactivation for mobile devices

To activate remote device deactivation for mobile devices

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Profiles.
  2. Click the profile that you want to modify.
  3. Under the DLP tab, in the DLP for Mobiles area, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears. 


  4. Select the appropriate option for Remote device deactivation.
    • To allow the user to choose if they want to activate remote device deactivation, select Optional.
    • To make remote device deactivation mandatory, select Mandatory.
  5. Click Save.

Decommissioning a device

Decommissioning a device securely wipes out data from the backup and inSync share folders of the device.

To decommission a device:

  1. On the menu bar, click DLP.
  2. Under the All Devices tab, select the device that you want to decommission.
  3. Click Decommission Device.
  4. (for mobile devices) Select the decommission activity that you want to perform and click Decommission:
  • Select Delete only inSync data on device if you just want to delete recent documents and favorites from the inSync companion app.
  • Select Deactivate entire device if you want to securely erase data from the backup folder and uninstall the app.

The time required for the decommissioning process to complete depends on the size of data in the backup and share folders. 

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