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Allowing users to pause scheduled backups from laptops

Allowing users to pause scheduled backups

As an administrator, you can allow users to pause a backup that has been triggered automatically by inSync. A user may decide to pause a backup to conserve network bandwidth or CPU usage. When allowing user the ability to pause scheduled backups, you must configure when backup from user's laptop will be resumed. You can either configure inSync to resume backup automatically after the interval period, or, let the user manually resume the backup.

Note: This functionality is managed through profiles and not at an individual user level.


To allow users to pause backups:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Profiles.
  2. Click the profile that you want to modify.
  3. Under the Laptop Backup Schedule tab, in the Laptop Backup Schedule area, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.
  4. Select Allow users to pause backup.


  5. If you want the backup to be automatically resumed at the end of the interval period, select Auto resume paused devices at next backup schedule.
  6. Click Save.

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