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OS migration using Persona Backup


Operating system migrations are resource intensive and time-consuming in nature. Performing manual upgrades might result in loss of productivity and incorrect system settings after the upgrade. The Persona Backup feature ensures seamless upgrade of operating systems for a group of users.


To upgrade operating systems using Persona Backup, follow the steps listed below.

Step Description
Step 1 Identify the profiles that have been assigned to the group of users selected for OS migration. Modify these profiles to enable System, App Settings.
Step 2 Make sure that all the identified users trigger a backup from their laptops after you have enabled System, App Settings. If backup from any laptop fails, contact for help in resolving the issue.
Step 3 Install the new OS on user laptops. Alternatively, you can issue new laptops to the users with the new OS.
Step 4 Ask users to activate inSync Client on their new/upgraded laptop. Make sure they choose Restore system settings when activating inSync Client. The users must restart their laptops after inSync Client is activated.
Step 5 Ask users to restore data on their laptops.

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