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Backing up system and app settings (Persona Backup)


This section explains the Persona backup feature. 

About Persona Backup

The Persona Backup feature enabled your inSync setup to create a backup of your system and application settings. Such a backup ensures that you can quickly create identical computer systems within minutes. You can also ensure a system state restore in event of failure. In addition to the default settings that inSync backs up, you can also select critical settings typical to your organization for backup. 

In this section

In this section, you can find:

Objective Topic
To understand Persona Backup Understanding Persona Backup
To know the system settings that inSync backs up Supported system settings
To know how to enable Persona Backup Enabling Persona Backup
To know the supported system settings restores Supported system settings restores
To understand how to upgrade operating systems Enabling operating system migration using Persona Backup
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