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Configuring user quota and other backup policies


This section contains information about backup policies and instructions for creating such backup policies.

About backup policies

The backup policies help configure the following:

  • Maximum data your users can have in their backup or share folder on a device.
  • Maximum period for which backed up data is retained in inSync storage so you can retrieve it when required.
  • Prevent all administrators from accessing user data. This ensures that only users can access their data. Administrators can only restore data to user devices.
  • Allow users to manage administrator access to their data. Users thus have the flexibility to prevent or allow administrators from accessing their data.

In this section

In this section, you can find:

Objective Topic
To understand user quota and assigning user quota through profiles or to an individual user Assigning user quota for data backup
To know how to configure the backup retention policy Configuring the backup retention policy
To know how to configure privacy policy of user data and administrator access to it Configuring user data privacy policy
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