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Creating and managing profiles

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About profiles

A profile is a container of configurations that are applied to a set of users. Using profiles, you can define generic backup configuration parameters that are automatically applied to all users of that profile. A profile thus ensures easy management of users because you no longer need to manage individual users. The properties that you can manage through profiles are:

Backup User Abilities Others
  • User quota
  • Backup folders
  • Backup schedule
  • Bandwidth consumed and CPU utilized during backup
  • Data retention policy
  • Adding devices
  • Defining backup folders
  • Defining backup schedule
  • Modifying bandwidth consumed and CPU priority for backups
  • Pausing backups
  • Stop administrators from accessing user data
  • Maximum users that can be assigned to the profile
  • Maximum number of devices per user
  • User login through Active Directory
  • inSync system tray icon and desktop notifications
  • Data loss prevention policies
  • Data share policies

You are not limited to the number of profiles that you can create in inSync. You can create a new profile or you can create a copy of an existing profile and later modify its properties.

In this section

In this section, you can find:

Objective Topic
To know how to create a profile using the profile creation wizard Creating a profile using the profile creation wizard
To know how to create a profile based on an existing profile Creating a profile based on an existing profile
To know how to delete profiles Deleting profiles
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