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Types of inSync administrators

Types of administrators

There are two types of administrators in inSync.

  • Server administrator: Server administrators performs core activities such as configuring, managing, and monitoring inSync. They can also create other server and profile administrators. A server administrator can perform all activities that a profile administrator can. See, Creating a Server Administrator.
  • Profile administrator: Profile administrators performs profile-specific activities such as modifying profiles, creating or deleting users with associated profiles, and restoring data for users with associated profile. A server administrator assigns the profiles that a profile administrator can manage. See, Creating a Profile Administrator.

Permitted activities of the administrators

The following table lists the activities of the administrators:

Activity Server Administrator Profile Administrator with Edit Profile permission Profile Administrator with Add users permission Profile Administrator with Restore Data permission
Monitoring inSync through the dashboard and other module pages




Creating and managing storage  
Create new storage




Manage existing storage




Compact storage



Delete storage




Managing profiles  
Create new profiles




Create a copy of an existing profile




Modify existing profiles




Delete profiles




Managing users
Create new users




Import users from CSV/AD Mapping




Enable users




Disable users




Reset password for users




Download Authkeys for users




Change profile of users




View share content of users




Place users on legal hold
Delete users




Managing devices    
Backup devices




Upgrade devices




Enable devices




Disable devices




Delete devices




Restore backup data




Manage snapshots




Decommission devices




Mark devices on hold




Mark devices normal




Managing share  
View share content of inSync users




View inSync user activities




View share content of the guest users




Delete guest users




Reset password for the guest users




Analyzing inSync data and activities    
Search data insights




View user audit trail




View admin audit trail




Download admin audit trail




Managing Active Directory accounts    
Create new AD mappings




Import users




Generate mass deployment token




Delete AD Mapping




Creating and managing other administrators




Configuring settings for inSync




Viewing reports and server activities




Emailing, downloading reports and server activities




Modifying alert subscriptions




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