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Release Notes

What's new in 5.3.1?

Druva is excited to announce the release of inSync Enterprise 5.3.1. With its new capabilities and enhancements, inSync Enterprise 5.3.1 enables efficient administration, provides deeper IT governance, and enhances the user experience.

Efficient Administration
  • Deeper AD integration gives you Global Catalog and Domain Controller access along with new options for wizard-based or manual specification of Base DN to fast-track user import in multi-domain forest environments.
  • Advanced user information and end-user logs give you insight into initial deployment and inSync client activity.
  • Enhanced Persona Backup configuration allows you to select settings specific to your organization for backup during OS migration and device refresh.
Deeper IT Governance
  • Legal hold enables preservation of custodian data with a single click.
  • Network blacklisting allows you to prevent data transfers over specified data networks such as a certain 3g network.
  • Data privacy policies permit you to enable or disable admin access to user data based on your organizational requirements.
Enhanced User Experience
  • WAN optimization enhancements further improve client backup performance with efficient bandwidth utilization and real-time bandwidth throttling.
  • Real-time file-sharing sync status in the inSync client provides your end-users with real-time progress of files that are syncing.
  • Extended platform support ensures that the inSync client is compatible with OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1, and new versions of Linux distributions.

Note: For additional information about the release, see Release Details.

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