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Restricting the bandwidth used for backups from laptops

Limiting the bandwidth used during backup and sync

During backups or syncs, data is transferred from the devices to the inSync storage. Transfer of data consumes bandwidth. As an administrator, you can limit the bandwidth consumed by inSync for backing up and syncing data. Lowering the bandwidth may prolong the duration required for a backup. 

You can limit bandwidth either as a percentage of the available bandwidth or in absolute terms. If you limit bandwidth in percentage terms, inSync client will calculate the bandwidth available to it before starting the backup and then utilize the configured percentage of it.

Note: This functionality is managed through profiles and not at an individual user level.

Defining the Maximum bandwidth consumption

You can limit the LAN and WAN bandwidth used during backup. This ensures all applications on the user’s laptop get a fair share of the available network bandwidth even during backups.

Important points to consider:

  • The bandwidth limitation is for each client and not for the server as a whole.
  • Prefer percentage values instead of setting limitations in absolute terms. For example, instead of limiting the bandwidth to 256 kbps set the limit as 40% of the available bandwidth. This ensures fair distribution even during fluctuations in the available bandwidth.
  • Before the first backup from all devices are complete, keep 80% as the maximum bandwidth consumption limit. Once the first backups are complete, reduce it to 40%. This is because, the first backup is a complete backup and transfers large amount of data. Subsequent backups transfer just the incremental data.


To limit the network bandwidth utilized during backup or sync

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Profiles.
  2. Click the profile that you want to modify.
  3. Under the Laptop Backup Schedule tab, in the Laptop Backup Resources area, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.


  4. Enter the following details:
    • In the Max Bandwidth [LAN] field, specify the maximum bandwidth inSync client can utilize for backup when connected to a LAN.
    • In the Max Bandwidth [WAN] field, specify the maximum bandwidth inSync client can utilize for backup when connected to a WAN. Enter 0 (zero) for no restrictions on the bandwidth consumed during backup.   
  5. Click Save.
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