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Enabling Persona Backup


You can enable Persona Backup for a user by modifying the profile assigned to the user. This will impact all users who belong to that profile. Alternatively, you can move the user to a profile for which System, App Settings backup is enabled

  • inSync users cannot enable or disable Persona Backup.
  • If multiple users are using the same laptop, only the settings of those users are backed up who have System, App Settings backup enabled on their profile.
  • inSync backs up only those settings that have been modified by the user. Default settings are not backed up.

To enable Persona Backup

  1. On the inSync Admin Console menu bar, click Manage > Profiles.
  2. From the list of profiles, select the profile for which you want to enable Persona Backup. 
  3. Under the Laptop Backup Content tab, click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.
  4. Select System, App Settings.
  5. Click Save.
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