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Understanding Persona Backup

About Persona Backup

The Persona Backup (also System, App Settings) feature, introduced in version 5.2, ensures backup of system and application settings across user devices. With Persona Backup, administrators can restore what they need anytime, anywhere. End users no longer need to remember system preferences; they can simply restore system and application settings to as many new devices as required. 

Enabling Persona Backup across your organizations comes with many benefits. Here are a compelling few:

  • For Organizations:
    • The Persona Backup feature drastically minimizes revenue and productivity loss in the event of a system failure.
    • Organizations no longer need to employ standby hardware for system recovery; inSync setup performs a restore of all system and application settings. 
    • Organizations can choose their system preferences in addition to the default preferences that the inSync setup backs up. This means that you can define the system settings most critical for your organization. 
  • For administrators:
    • Persona Backup is platform dependent. Your inSync setup recognizes platform-specific system preferences and creates a backup of these preferences. 
    • Restoring system and application settings requires no complicated procedure; you can choose to restore system settings at the time of inSync client activation. 
    • System upgrade does not have to translate to lost preferences. Users can comfortably simply upgrade their operating systems, and then import system preferences to the newly created environment. 
    • Device loss need not hamper productivity; the Persona Backup feature gets a new device ready within minutes. 
  • For users:
    • Adding a new device is easy -- creating a ready environment is a matter of a few minutes. 
    • Users no longer need to remember system preferences; they can simply restore their favorite preferences to new devices. 

Usage Scenarios

Your inSync Server saves the system app settings to a storage. You can use this snapshot to set up a working system quickly. When you enable System, App Settings, you can:

Recover from a system failure You can quickly recover your system settings in event of a failure. If a system stops responding, the inSync user can use the previously backed up system settings to revert to the previous state of the system.
Replace a lost device The user can restore the system and application settings from the lost device to the replacement device. This ensures that the user has the same familiar environment on the replacement device.
Migrate to a later version of an operating system You can now quickly migrate systems across your organization to a later version of your preferred operating system. The Persona Backup feature makes it simple; you only need to restore previously stored system state data to systems once an upgrade completes. 
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