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Adding storage to a storage pool

About adding storage to storage pool

A storage pool is a collection of block storage that functions as a unit for backing up data. The pool acts as an automatic load balancer and ensures that data is evenly distributed across the various storage that are part of the pool.

You can have any number of primary storage in a storage pool. At any time, you can add more primary storage to an existing storage pool. However, there are two restrictions:

  • You cannot add the same storage to more than one storage pool. 
  • Once added, you cannot remove a storage from a storage pool.


To add a new storage to an existing storage pool

  1. From the menu bar, click Manage > Storage.
  2. Under the Storage Pools tab, click the storage pool to which you want to add a storage.
  3. Under Assigned Storages, click Attach Storage.
  4. From the Storages to be added list, select the storage that you want to associate with the pool. The list displays only primary block storage that have not been assigned to any storage pool.
  5. Click Attach.
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