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Customizing the new user activation email


To customize the activation email message, you must create a single user. (If required, you can create a dummy user and later delete it.) When creating a user, the activation email is displayed and you can modify its text. Any change you make is saved and applied to all future activation emails.

To customize the activation email message

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Users.
  2. Click Create New. The Create New User window appears.
  3. Enter the required details for the user.
  4. Modify the subject line and the body of the text as required. When modifying the body of the email, make sure you include the following variables:
    • %USER% - This variable represents the name of the user.
    • %SERVERS% - This variable represents the URL of the inSync server.
    • %MAIL% - This variable represents the email ID of the new user.
    • %PASSWORD% - This variable represents the password of the new user's inSync account. 
    • %CLINK% - This variable represents the link on the Druva Website from where the user can download inSync client. To allow users to download the inSync client from a different location, replace %CLINK% with the path to the new location. 
  5. Click Create User.
Note: You can use simple HTML tags for formatting the body of the email.
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