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Installing the inSync Server on Windows

Before you begin

Make sure that:

  • You have administrator privileges on the computer on which you plan to install the inSync Master server.   
  • The MySQL database you plan to use for inSync Private Cloud is running.
  • You downloaded the inSync Master server installer on the computer on which you want to install it.
Note: The Master server installer also creates a local storage node. The behavior of this storage node is identical to that of storage nodes that are created manually. You can add storage to the local storage node. For information about creating additional storage nodes, see Creating additional storage nodes.

Installation procedure

To install inSync Master server

  1. Double-click the inSync Master server installer.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Accept the customer agreement and click Next.
  4. In the Install Location field, type or select the full path to the folder in which you want to install the inSync Master server.
  5. Select shortcuts to access the inSync Master Management Console.
  6. Click Install. Installation starts.
  7. After the installation is over, click Finish.

Post-installation configuration

The post-installation configuration wizard is launched automatically after the inSync Master server is installed. If the wizard does not appear automatically, launch it by clicking Start > All Programs > Druva inSync Master > inSync Master Management Console.

On the configuration wizard

  1. Setup MySQL Server by specifying the following information:
    • MySQL Hostname: The IP address of the MySQL database. If the MySQL database is on the same computer, use instead of localhost.
    • Port: The port used for connecting to the MySQL database. The default value is 3306.
    • Username: The MySQL account username.
    • Password: The MySQL account password.
  2. Create the first administrator account for inSync by specifying the following information:
    • Administrator Name: The name of the first administrator.
    • Email ID: The email ID of the first administrator.
    • Administrator Password: The password of the first administrator.
    • Confirm Password: Repeat the password for the administrator.
    • Port Number for inSync Web Console: The port for accessing the inSync Admin Console. The default value is 443.
  3. Click Finish.
Note: As a good practice, do not change the password of the MySQL user after you configure the inSync Master server. However, if you do change the password, configure the inSync Master server again. After the configuration completes, manually stop and start all the inSync Master server services.
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