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Configuring backup retention policies


This topic explains what retention policy is and how to define the backup retention policy for your organization.

About retention policy

Data backed up from user devices is retained in the storages so that they can be retrieved when required. The retention policy defines the duration for which backed up data is retained in inSync storages. As an administrator, you are responsible for configuring your organization's retention policy in inSync.

Note: Every time data is backed up successfully from a device, a snapshot of the device is created in inSync. A snapshot is a reference to the state of the backup folders in the device when the backup was taken. Through the Admin Console, you can view the snapshots stored for a device in inSync. They indicate the number of backups that have been taken from the device and retained in inSync. 

Backups taken from a device is classified into three types:

  • (Regular) backup: It stands for successful completion of a backup process and leads to the creation of a snapshot in inSync. If the backup interval for a profile is 8 hours, all users associated with the profile should ideally end up creating three snapshots for each device every day. However, the actual number of backups may vary depending on the duration for which a device was connected to inSync and the backups manually triggered by the users.
  • Weekly backup: Sunday through Saturday is considered as a week by inSync. The last successful (regular) backup of the week from a device is tagged as a weekly backup in inSync.
  • Monthly backup: The last weekly backup of a calendar month from a device is tagged as a monthly backup in inSync.

 inSync follows the Grandfather-father-son rotation policy for its hierarchical backup strategy. The (regular) backups are the son. The last successful backup of the week graduates to father status (weekly backup). The last weekly backup of the month graduates to grandfather status (monthly backup). The When defining the retention policy, you have to define the duration for which all (regular) backups, weekly backups, and monthly backups will be retained in inSync.

Defining the backup retention policy

Note: This feature is controlled only through profiles. Any change made to an existing profile will be applicable for all users associated with that profile.

To define the backup retention policy

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Profiles.
  2. Click the profile that you want to modify.
  3. Click the Backup Policies tab.
  4. Under Retention and Access Policies, click Edit. The edit window appears.
  5. Enter the following details:
  • In the Retain all backups field, specify the number of days you want to retain each (regular) backup.
  • In the Retain weekly backups field, specify the number of weeks you want to retain each weekly backup.
  • In the Retain monthly backups field, specify the number of months you want to retain each monthly backup.
  1. Click Save.
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