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Upgrading inSync client installed on a device


This topic explains how to upgrade the inSync client installed on a user's laptop or desktop.

When to upgrade inSync client?

Each release of inSync server has an associated release of inSync client that is fully compatible with the server. If you have upgraded inSync server, it is expected that the inSync users upgrade inSync client installed on their devices. In case a user does not upgrade inSync client on their device, an upgrade symbol (upgrade.jpg) is displayed next to the device on the inSync Admin Console. As an administrator, you are expected to upgrade inSync client for such devices.


To upgrade the inSync client installed on devices

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage > Devices.
  2. Select the devices where you want to upgrade the inSync client. The devices have an upgrade symbol (upgrade.jpg) next to the inSync client version number. 
  3. Click Upgrade.
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