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Upgrade prerequisites


This topic explains the prerequisites for upgrading inSync Private Cloud to version 5.2.2.

Compatible inSync Private Cloud Versions

You can upgrade to inSync Private Cloud 5.2.2 from versions 5.0.1 and later. inSync Private Cloud was formerly known as inSync Unlimited.

Note: The High Availability feature was introduced with version 5.2. This feature is not available for storages optimized for "Disk space savings". The High Availability feature is available for all your storages that were optimized for "Performance".

Hardware and Software Prerequisites

For information about the hardware and software required for Master Server and Storage Nodes for inSync Private Cloud 5.2.2, see the following topics:

Available Ports

If the inSync master server and an inSync storage node reside on the same computer, make sure that the sync port used by the storage node is not 6071.  Because the master server uses port 6071, an attempt by the storage node to use this port can cause conflicts.

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