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Configure inSync to export events

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 This version of Events APIs will be deprecated soon. We recommend administrators to use the enhanced version of Events API for exporting inSync events. For more information, see Events APIs to export inSync events.

Only an inSync Cloud administrator can enable the option to export events and define the Events API settings.

Note: This feature is currently under controlled availability. Contact your Druva Sales representative or Druva Support if you want to use this feature.


  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click SettingsIcon.png > Settings. Settings page appears.
  2. Click inSync APIs tab.
  3. In the Events API settings area, click Edit. The Edit Events API Settings window appears.
  4. Select the Export Events check box.
  5. Click in the Categories to export box and select the events that you want to export from inSync. For more information about inSync events that you can export, see Supported inSync events.
  6. In the Syslog facility field, type a value between 1 and 23 to assign a Syslog facility ID for inSync events. The default value is 23.
  7. Click Save.

An admin audit trail is logged in Audit trails with the name of the administrator who has enabled inSync event export.

Next steps

  1. Generate a token to access inSync Event API.
  2. Access Event API through any REST Client to export inSync events.

For more information, see Use Events API to export events from inSync.

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