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Global Custodian Report


The Global Custodian report displays a detailed summary of all custodians who are on legal hold. This report is available for both inSync Cloud administrators and inSync Legal administrators. 

Access Path

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Reports > Global Custodian Report.


The following table lists the fields in the Global Custodian report.

Field Description
Custodian Name Displays the name of the custodian who is on legal hold. 
Email  Displays the email ID of the custodian.
Added On Displays the date when the custodian was added to a legal hold policy.
Data Source Displays the data sources that are in legal hold for a custodian.
Legal Hold Name Displays the user name of the legal hold policy with which the custodian is associated. 
Legal Hold Type Displays the legal hold type.
Created On Displays the date and time when the custodian account was created in inSync.
Last Completed Backup Displays the date and time of last successful backup.
Backup Data Displays the amount of data backed up for the custodian. 


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