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Administrator Details and Profile Mapping report

This report displays the details of all the administrators present in your environment. Only a Cloud Administrator can view this report. This information is useful when you want to delete an administrator. The report has the following two parts:

  • Administrator Details: Displays the account details of the administrator, the last login time, and the profiles that are associated with the administrator.
  • Profile Mapping: Displays the list of administrators associated with each profile.

Administrator Details

The following table lists the fields in the Administrator Details section.

Field Description
Name The name of the administrator.
Email  The email associated with the administrator.
Role The role assigned to the administrator in inSync.
Last Login Date The date and timestamp of the most recent login by this admin.
Supported Login Methods (Login Using) The login mechanism that the administrator uses to log in to inSync.
Country The country of the administrator as defined in the administrator details.
Timezone The time zone of the country.
Created By  The email of the administrator who created the account of the administrator.
Profiles Assigned List of profiles associated with the administrator. Mouse over to see the complete list of profiles associated. Download the report in CSV format for easy search and sort.

Profile Mapping

The following are the two fields in the Profile Mapping section:

  • Profile Name: The name of the profile.
  • List of Admins:  The administrators who are associated with the profile. Download the report in CSV format for easy search and sort.
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