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Cloud Apps Integration Error Messages


You see this error message when the cloud suite fails to authorize inSync at the time of authentication for granting inSync access to users. 


You see this error message for the following scenarios:

  • For OneDrive: If the user and user's endpoints do not exist.
  • For Exchange: If the user and user's mailbox does not exist.
  • For Box : If the user does not exist.
  • For Google Drive & Gmail: If the user does not exist.

Note: You continue to encounter this error if inSync fails to communicate with the APIs provided by cloud suites. Ensure that inSync has appropriate permissions to generate refresh tokens and access tokens for cloud suite applications. If the error persists contact Druva Support.


Typically, EUSERNOTFOUND is raised if the user does not exist for the app. To fix this issue, create a user in the app and try again. 


You see this error message if integration fails due to throttling issues such as continuous inSync requests sent to the app getting blocked by the app provider. 


Apps can block automatic requests after continuous API calls. To resolve this error, try again later. 


You see this error message if integration fails because app is not available or inSync is unable to locate or connect to the app. 


If the app is unavailable at the moment, or refuses inSync connections, you see this error message. To resolve this issue, try again later. 


You see this error message if inSync fails to authenticate as a user. 


You see this error message if inSync encounters unexpected issues such as system errors or network errors.


You see this error message if the backup for this site has failed because the site is deleted from the SharePoint Online portal.


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