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G Suite Issues

Issue: Google Apps backup fails with EPERMS error


You have not logged on to Google through a Google super administrator account. Alternatively, you have used a non-super administrator account to log on to Google.


To resolve this issue, ensure the following items:

  • You use the Google Super Administrator account for configuring inSync to integrate with Google Apps.
  • You have not logged on through any other Google account while configuring inSync with Google Apps.

Issue: No Content Backed up yet

No Content Backed up  yet message is displayed in the following scenarios:

1. If the selected Shared Drive is in the Not Configured state. 

To resolve this issue, configure the selected Shared Drive for storage and backup frequency.

2. If the selected Shared Drive is enabled for backup, but, backup is not initiated for that Shared Drive.

To resolve this issue, initiate a backup for the selected Shared Drive.


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