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Monitor Slack

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This topic provides information about how to get insights into the ongoing or completed backup and download activities for Slack using Druva inSync.

Monitor Slack activities 

The Activity Stream page displays details of the completed Slack activities.

To monitor the completed Slack activities:

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Data Sources > Cloud Apps.
  2. On the Manage Cloud Apps page, click Slack.
  3. Click the Org ID for which you want to monitor the activities.
  4. Click the Activity Stream tab to view the activity details.
  5. On the Activity Stream tab, select the Activity and click Download Logs to view the activity logs for a specific time period.  Logs are downloaded as <Activity(number).log> file in .txt format.

Alternatively, you can use the filter to search and view specific activity logs for specific Activity and Type for a specific time interval for a specific status. For more information about the filter options, see the Activity Stream.

View Live Activities

To view backup or download progress of Slack Org IDs, click . The Live Activities page displays the current progress of ongoing backup or restore activities of all Slack Org IDs. For more information see Live Activities.

Configure alerts to receive emails for Slack Org backup status

An inSync Cloud administrator can configure the following email alert to  monitor and view  details of the Slack Org backup status:

  • Slack Backup Failed


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click  . The Manage Alerts page appears.
  2. Select  All Severity or Warning from Severity dropdown. 
  3. Select Slack Backup Failed alert type.
  4. Click Edit. The Alert Settings page appears. Update the required fields as per your configuration needs and click Save

For more information about how to configure alerts, see Configure Alerts.

View Slack audit trail 

The Audit Trails page displays details about the activities performed by Druva inSync administrators.

To view Slack audit trails, on the Governance > Audit Trails page, navigate to Admin Audit Trail and select Slack under Activity Type.  For more information see the Audit Trails page.

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