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FAQ's for Teams

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Configuration FAQ's

If I am already an Office 365 Cloud App user, do I have to reconfigure inSync for Office 365  app to protect Teams?

Yes. To backup and protect your Teams data using inSync, you must reconfigure the Office 365 app. To learn more, see Reconfigure Office 365.

Do I need to configure inSync Office 365 SharePoint to initiate backup and protect Files within Office Teams?

Yes. Before you begin the configuration for protecting Teams, it is recommended to ensure that Auto-discovery and Auto-assign storage is enabled and configured. It is advisable to have inSync SharePoint configured for all sites.

How do I configure Druva inSync to protect Teams' data?

 Refer to the following topic for details about how to configure Druva inSync to protect Teams' data:

What permissions does Druva inSync require to access Teams' data?

Druva inSync requires the following permissions to access and protect Teams data:

  • Read and write all groups

To learn more, see Required roles and permissions for access to Teams.

Does the status of all the newly discovered Teams changes to Enabled state when you click Save in Auto Configuration Settings wizard?

No. Only if you click OK on the confirmation pop-up, the status changes to Enabled. Also, the same settings are applicable for any newly discovered Teams. However, if you have set the manual configuration for a specific Team, then, the auto-configuration settings do not apply to this Team.

Backup FAQ's

How to backup Teams' data?

As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can schedule automatic backups or manually backup Teams' data. To learn more, refer to the following topic:

What data of Teams does inSync backup and protect?

You can backup the following Teams' data:

  • All Teams with their settings (permissions, members, apps)
  • All Standard Channels with their settings
  • Files within Standard Channels
  • Posts (Conversations) within all channels
  • Wiki within Standard Channels

To learn more, see Introduction to Druva inSync for Teams.

Restore FAQ's

Can I restore Conversations' data?

Due to a Microsoft API limitation, the restore of Conversations' data is not supported.

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