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Download activity logs of inSync app for Salesforce

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inSync app for Salesforce provides a view of the app activities such as backup, restore, and changes in app settings from the Recent Activity view on the DASHBOARD tab and from the ACTIVITY STREAM tab. While the Recent Activity view displays just the five latest activities, the entire list of activities is displayed on the ACTIVITY STREAM tab. The activity information displayed includes:

  • TYPE: The  activity type, such as Backup, Restore, Download, and so on.
  • ADMINISTRATOR:  Username of the administrator who initiated the activity. The field is blank if the activity was initiated from the inSync Management Console and for scheduled activities.
  • TIME: The time of the activity. This time is displayed based on the timezone set in the App Settings.
  • STATUS: The status of the activity. Download link for activity log is available only for backup and restore activities.


ACTIVITY STREAM tab displays both live and historical activities. You can filter the list based on the following time and activity filters. You can apply the filters individually or in combination to generate the required view.

Time period filters:

  • Last 24 Hours
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 1 Month
  • Last 3 Months

Activity type filter:

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Download
  • Configuration

 Note: inSync app for Salesforce does not generate logs of data download and change in system settings. Hence, even when you can see their entries on the tab, you cannot download logs for both these activities from the Activity Stream tab.

Download activity logs from the DASHBOARD tab

  1. Launch the inSync app for Salesforce and open the DASHBOARD tab.
    The last five activity details are displayed on the Recent Activity widget with a provision to download the activity log.
  2. Click the download  icon to download the activity log file to your system. 

Download activity logs from the ACTIVITY STREAM tab

From the Activity Stream tab, you can select the time period for which you want to view the activity logs. 

Prerequisite: Ensure that Pop-ups are unblocked in your browser before you download logs.

  1. Launch the inSync app for Salesforce and open the ACTIVITY STREAM tab. Activities for last 7 days are displayed by default. 
  2. Apply the appropriate Time Period and Activity type filters to view the required activities. 
    A list of inSync activities is displayed. You can see the activity type, administrator name, activity time, status, and the option to download the activity logs.
  3. Click the download icon   against the activity for which you want to download the logs. The relevant log file is saved to your system.
    The download location of activity logs depends on your browser settings.