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Download Salesforce object data from the inSync app for Salesforce

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inSync app for Salesforce provides the option to download the Salesforce object data backed up by inSync. The backups are stored in snapshots and you can view and download the object data from snapshots using the app. Each download page of the app displays a maximum of 100 objects in an alphabetical order. If the object list is displayed across multiple pages, you can use the pagination arrows to view the required page and also select the objects across different pages. Each snapshot also contains a metadata object that stores the snapshot metadata in xml format. You can download the metadata object along with the other Salesforce objects. The Object Name checkbox helps you to select all the objects from a snapshot, including the metadata object. You can also download data from selective objects. The count of objects selected for download is displayed next to the Download button.  


The app creates a .csv file for each object selected for download. All the .csv files are saved to a folder and the folder is downloaded in a compressed or zipped format. The download location of the zipped folder depends on the location set in your browser setting. If any object marked for download has attachments, the attachments are downloaded in a separate folder labeled with the object name.


Salesforce manages the items listed under Files through the following objects:

  • ContentVersion

  • ContentDocument

  • ContentDocumentLink

inSync backs up the above objects and supports the download of the data from inSync Management Console.

Druva recommends downloading data from the ContentVersion object as it stores the actual files and all the backed up versions of each file. All the items of the Files object get downloaded in a separate folder titled ContentVersion.

Download Salesforce object data

Prerequisite: Ensure Pop-ups are unblocked in your browser before you download object data.

To download Salesforce object data from inSync app for Salesforce:

  1. Launch the inSync app for Salesforce and open the Download tab. 
    By default, the latest snapshot data is displayed on the tab.
  2. Under Select Snapshot, specify the snapshot date and select a snapshot from the list.
    A list of objects backed up for your account is displayed. 
  3. Select the Salesforce objects for which you want to download data. The list may run into multiple pages. You can use the pagination to switch between pages and select the appropriate objects. You can also use the search box to find the objects.
  4. To download data of all the objects, select the Object Name checkbox. The count of selected objects is displayed next to the Download button.
  5. Click Download. A data file in .csv format is downloaded on your system in a zipped folder. The download location depends on the browser settings on your system.  If you have selected multiple objects for download, all the data files are downloaded in the zipped folder.