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inSync app for Salesforce dashboard

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inSync app for Salesforce opens the dashboard every time you launch the app. The dashboard provides a high-level view of the backup status and resource utilization of your Salesforce account. The dashboard is a tab on which information is displayed on the following widgets and tabs:

The information displayed on each widget is explained in detail in the sections below. On the dashboard, you can:

Last Backup Status

This widget provides information on the latest backup status. You can refresh the status of an ongoing backup as well as initiate a manual backup from this widget.  When a manual backup is initiated, Last Backup Status is refreshed every 60 seconds to display the progress. 

The following table provides the field description of this widget.

Field name

Information displayed

Backup Now Initiates an immediate manual backup. 
How to initiate a backup is described in the Initiate a backup from inSync app for Salesforce section. 


Displays the status of the latest backup with one of the following values:

  • Backup Successful
  • Backup in Progress
  • Backup Failed
  • Backed Up with Errors
  • Never Backed Up
  • Backup failed due to API Quota

Other than Never Backed Up status, the remaining four are displayed with an icon as explained in the table below:

Icon Displayed with status Indicates



Backup Successful

Click to download the activity log.

Backup Failed Click to download the activity log.
Backed Up with Errors Click to download the activity log.
Backup failed due to API Quota Daily API Quota is insufficient to complete the backup and the quota needs to be increased. 

Backup in Progress

Click to refresh backup status.

Completed On

Displays date and time of the last successful backup.

API Usage

Displays the count of APIs utilized for the last successful backup. See  About Daily API quota for guidance on configuring the API setting.

Objects (Records)

Displays the count of objects and relevant records backed up. 

Files Displays the count of files backed up.



API Usage

The widget displays the graph of daily API usage for the last 7 days. The daily API limit set for the account is indicated with a horizontal line on the graph. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the API usage for a specific date. The widget is refreshed each time you open the app.

Storage Consumption

The widget displays the graph of storage consumed by backups over the last 90 days. The widget is refreshed each time you open the app. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the storage consumed on a specific date.

Account Details tab

A summary of the Salesforce account and its backup status is displayed on this tab. The fields displayed on this tab are described in the table below.



Field name Indicates
Account Name ID of the Salesforce admin account.
#Users Number of users associated with the account.
Status Status of connectivity with inSync server.
Last Completed Backup Date and time of last successful backup activity.
Activated on Date and time of account activation.
Total Stored Data Count of Salesforce objects and relevant records backed up for the account and the size of metadata files in MB.

App Settings tab

Displays backup settings. These settings are set initially from inSync Management Console and can be edited from inSync app for Salesforce. The changes made on App Settings tab are also updated back on inSync Management Console. Steps to change app settings are described under Edit settings of inSync app for Salesforce section. 



Field name Indicates

Daily API Quota

Displays the numeric value of the maximum daily APIs allowed for the account. 

Backup Frequency

Displays  the backup frequency configured for the account.


Allows you to change the Backup Frequency settings.



Recent Activity

The last five activities performed from the app, including those in progress, are displayed under Recent Activity. You can use the download icon () to download relevant activity logs. The View more link on this widget opens the Activity Stream tab.

Note: inSync app for Salesforce does not generate logs of data download and change in system settings. Hence, even when you can see their entries on the tab, you cannot download logs for both these activities from the Recent Activity widget. 

Initiate a manual backup from inSync app for Salesforce

inSync runs automated backups of the Salesforce objects in your environment. You can also initiate a manual backup of the Salesforce objects with this procedure.

  1. Launch the inSync app for Salesforce and open the Dashboard tab.
  2. On the Last Backup Status widget, click Backup Now.
    The Status for the backup will change to Backup in Progress and to Backed up Successfully when the backup completes.
    The Recent Activity widget also displays a Manual Backup entry in the activity list. 

Note: If the backup status is displayed as Backed up with Errors or Backup Failed, click the download icon    to download logs and evaluate the cause for the errors. 

At the end of the backup, an entry of the activity is displayed on the Recent Activity tab.

Edit settings of inSync app for Salesforce

App settings configured for inSync app for Salesforce define the Daily API Quota and Backup Frequency of the app. Even though these settings can be performed from inSync Management Console during the app configuration, you can also edit them from the app interface.

Backup frequency is the interval in hours after which the app initiates a backup of the Salesforce objects. 

About Daily API Quota

As a Salesforce administrator, you must be aware of the daily API usage limit set for your organization by Salesforce. Typically, the API limit is set based on the criticality of that applications that you use in Salesforce and the size of data your organization generates on a daily basis. inSync app for Salesforce utilizes maximum APIs during its first backup. Since subsequent backups are incremental, minimal APIs are consumed and hence, the API quota can be reset accordingly. 

Druva recommends that you calculate the data generation in your environment before you configure the API quota. 

You must specify appropriate number of API calls that inSync must consume while backing up objects from your Salesforce organization. Here is a guideline on the number of API calls, that inSync consumes while performing Salesforce objects backup.

Initial or first backup

inSync uses bulk APIs for first backup

  • 1 API call for every 400 records
  • 2 API calls for each attachment
Incremental backup
  • 1 API call for every 200 to 1000  records*
  • 2 API calls for each attachment

*Depends on number of fields in each record and size of the record.

inSync calculates 10% of the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization. If the calculated value is greater than 15000, it is set as the default Daily API Quota for your organization. If the value is less, then the default Daily API Quota is set at 15000. 

For example:

  • If the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization is 100,000, the default Daily API Quota will be 15,000 (since 10% of 100,000 is less than 15000).
  • If the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization are 200,000, the default Daily API Quota will be 20,000.

inSync consumes only the required number of APIs for its backups and may not fully consume the quota.Daily API Quota indicates the maximum number of APIs inSync can consume for its backups. inSync and Salesforce administrators can change the quota from the inSync Management Console and from the inSync App for Salesforce. The minimum and maximum limits are 1 and 1,000,000 respectively.

Set API quota and backup frequency

To edit App Settings of inSync app for Salesforce:

  1. Launch inSync app for Salesforce.
  2. Open the Dashboard tab and then click on App Settings tab.
  3. Click Edit to launch the Edit Configuration dialog box.


    The default value in Daily API Quota is either 10% of the total daily APIs permitted for your organization by Salesforce or 15000, whichever is higher. inSync utilizes the APIs as required and may not fully consume the quota.
  4. Enter the Daily API Quota, set the Backup Frequency and then click OK.

The new values are updated on App Settings tab and an App Settings entry is displayed on the Activity Stream tab.