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Configure and Use inSync for Salesforce

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Congratulations!! You have successfully registered your Salesforce organization with Druva inSync.

Here are the next steps that you must now perform in order to start backup of your Salesforce data,

  1. Configure your registered Salesforce organization in inSync Management Console for first backup.
  2. Launch and use inSync app for Salesforce to backup, restore, and download your Salesforce data.

Step 1: Configure your registered Salesforce organization

When you register your Salesforce organization in inSync, inSync just gets connected to your Salesforce organization with required permissions.  To start backup, you must configure the registered Salesforce organization for the following,

  • Daily API Quota - inSync consumes APIs while performing the backup of objects from your Salesforce organization. As a Salesforce administrator, you must be aware of the daily API usage limit set for your organization by Salesforce. Typically, the API limit is set based on the criticality of the applications that you use in Salesforce and the size of the data your organization generates on a daily basis. inSync app for Salesforce utilizes maximum APIs during its first backup. Since subsequent backups are incremental, minimal APIs are consumed and hence, the API quota can be reset accordingly.

    Druva recommends that you calculate the data generated in your environment before you configure the API quota.

    You must specify an appropriate number of API calls that inSync must consume while backing up objects from your Salesforce organization. Here is a guideline on the number of API calls, that inSync consumes while performing Salesforce objects backup.

    Initial or first backup

    inSync uses bulk APIs for first backup

    • 1 API call for every 400 records
    • 2 API calls for each attachment
    Incremental backup
    • 1 API call for every 200 to 1000  records*
    • 2 API calls for each attachment

    *Depends on the number of fields in each record and size of the record.

    By default, 15000 API calls are configured for use for daily backups. inSync stops back up of Salesforce objects after it consumes the specified number of API calls.

  • Backup Interval - You must specify the time interval after which inSync should backup your Salesforce data.

  • Salesforce Storage - By default, inSync does not allocate storage to your registered Salesforce organization. inSync provides separate storage for Salesforce data. While configuring your Salesforce organization, you must select the Salesforce storage that is available in your region. Once you select the Salesforce storage, all the Salesforce data backed up from your Salesforce organization and stored on the Salesforce storage.


  • Registered Salesforce organization in inSync.
  • Approximate value of API quota calculated using the information provided above.
  • Email from Salesforce confirming successful installation of inSync app for Salesforce package.


  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Data Sources > Cloud App. The Manage Cloud Apps page appears.
  2. Select Salesforce cloud app and click Configure.  A list of existing Salesforce accounts registered for backup is displayed.
  3.  If the App Status is displayed as Storage not assigned and its App Status info is displayed as Assign storage, skip to step 5.
  4. If the App Status is displayed as Package not installed and its App Status info is displayed as Confirm package installation, perform the following steps.

    1. Check if you have received the package installation email from Salesforce. Wait for the mail as the package installation may be in progress if you have not received the email.
    2. Click the Confirm package installation link under App Status info
    3. Click Confirm Package Installation on the confirmation message. 
      After a successful confirmation, the App Status displays Storage not assigned and the App Status info displays the Assign storage link.

  5. Click the Assign storage link to proceed with the configuration.
  6. Specify appropriate values for the following configuration:
    • Daily API Quota - Based on the number of records and their size, calculate and specify the API calls that inSync can use for daily backups. Default limit is 15000 APIs.
    • Backup Every - Specify the time interval between every backup after which inSync must back up the Salesforce data.
    • Storage - Select the Salesforce storage in your region, where inSync should backup your Salesforce data.

      You cannot change the Salesforce storage once you assign it.

  7. Click Save to preserve the specified configuration.
    inSync assigns the selected storage to your Salesforce organization and starts the backup immediately.

Step 2: Launch and use inSync app for Salesforce

The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Druva Account Manager or Druva Support.


inSync app for Salesforce gets configured in the Salesforce environment when inSync is integrated with Salesforce from inSync Management Console. Salesforce administrators can access the app from Salesforce app menu or from the app launcher.  The app helps Salesforce administrators to manage backup and restore of Salesforce objects. 

How to access inSync app for Salesforce?

Salesforce interface opens either in the Lightening Experience or in the Classic view. You can toggle between the two views at the click of a menu in the Salesforce environment. However, the menu from where you can access inSync app for Salesforce depends on the interface that you use in Salesforce. 


Ensure that the inSync Administrator in your organization has configured Salesforce as a cloud app on the inSync Management Console. 

Open Druva inSync app in Lightening Experience 

  1. Log on to Salesforce.
  2. Click the  App Launcher icon   to open the App Launcher page, and click inSync.


inSync app for Salesforce opens as one of the tabs in Salesforce and displays the app dashboard with backup details.  See inSync app for Salesforce dashboard  section for more information.

Open Druva inSync in Classic view

  1. Log on to Salesforce.
  2. Click the App Menu on the top right corner, and click inSync.

    inSync app for Salesforce opens as one of the tabs in Salesforce and displays the app dashboard with backup details.  See inSync app for Salesforce dashboard  section for more information.
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