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About inSync for Salesforce

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The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Druva Account Manager or Druva Support.


With Salesforce integration, Salesforce administrators have direct access to a unified data protection platform from within Salesforce to backup, archive, manage, and view their data for availability.

Salesforce administrators have the following benefits of integrating Salesforce with Druva inSync,

  • Object Level Backup & Recovery: Time indexed snapshots, direct access and visibility of Salesforce data down to the object level including custom objects from third-party applications, provides data granularity for review, comparison and recovery.
  • Dedicated Salesforce Dashboard: Druva inSync provides a single view directly from within Salesforce (inSync App for Salesforce) for administrators to manage backup policies, perform object level recovery and configure alerts as needed.

As a Cloud administrator, you can configure different Salesforce environments or organizations (orgs) as listed in the Supported Cloud Apps Editions. You can configure inSync to integrate with Salesforce by using the Salesforce Cloud app, available through the inSync Management Console. When you configure inSync to backup your Salesforce organization, inSync installs its own application (app) - Druva inSync for Salesforce - in your Salesforce environment. Salesforce administrators can access the app from Salesforce app menu or from the app launcher. The app helps Salesforce administrators to manage backup and restore Salesforce objects. For detailed information on how to access and use Druva inSync for Salesforce to backup, restore, and download your Salesforce data, see Druva inSync for Salesforce.


inSync provides a separate storage for storing Salesforce data. Storages are made available as per your region. After you register a Salesforce organization for backup, you can select the desired Salesforce storage and associate it with the Salesforce organization to store the data.

Note: Once you assign a Salesforce Storage to a Salesforce organization, you cannot change it.

To view the list of Salesforce Storage available for your account based on your regions and their details, see Manage Storage page.


Configuring inSync to backup your Salesforce data involves,

  1. Register Salesforce organization in inSync Management Console.
    It involves the following,
    1. Grant inSync permissions to access Salesforce data.
    2. Install Druva inSync for Salesforce app in your Salesforce environment. 
  2. Configure the registered Salesforce organization and make it ready for the first backup.
  3. Configure and enable Salesforce Backup Failed alert to receive notification for failed Salesforce backups. For more information, see Configure Alert Settings.

Note: You can configure a Salesforce organization for backup using a Salesforce administrator with System Administrator profile only.

After you register and configure Salesforce organization in inSync, you can use Druva inSync for Salesforce application in your Salesforce environment to backup, restore, and download your Salesforce data.

Alerts and Reports

After you configure inSync to backup a Salesforce organization, inSync automatically backs up data from Salesforce at scheduled intervals. You can track the backup and restore activities for a Salesforce organization using the Salesforce Backup and Restore report. For more information, see Salesforce Backup and Restore Report.

inSync also generates alerts if a scheduled backup fails on a configured Salesforce organization. You can subscribe to email alerts for Salesforce Backup Failed alert. To know more about this alert and subscribe to it, see Alerts.


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