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UI enhancements for GSuite

Druva has made the following UI enhancements to GSuite.

On the Manage Cloud Apps page, when the administrator clicks GSuite inSync now displays a new expandable/collapsible left navigation panel that lists the underlying GSuite web applications namely Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives. By default, Gmail web application user details are displayed. Click on the specific web application to initiate a backup job for each of these web apps.

Enhanced user experience for backup of Gmail and Google Drive data

inSync now enables you with smooth navigation to perform the following actions  for Gmail and Google Drive:

  • Manual or on-demand backup
  • Enable backup
  • Disable backup
  • Delete user
Old UI New UI

Enhanced user experience for configuring Shared Drives for backup, restore, and download

inSync now provides an enhanced UI for seamless user experience to perform the following actions:

  • Automatic and manual discovery of the Shared Drives within your organization
  • Add Shared Drive manually
  • Auto-Configuration and manual or on-demand  configuration of Shared Drives for backup
  • Shared Drives' details UI now displays the following  tabs:
    • Summary: Use this page to initiate an on-demand or manual backup. Administrators can use this page to enable, disable, or delete the selected Shared Drive. View the backup summary, storage consumption, Shared Drive details, and Shared Drives settings for backup schedule and retention. For more information, see inSync Management Console.
    • Backups (New tab): Use this page to search a specific Shared Drive and initiate a restore and download operation for the selected Shared Drive. Folders and files within the folders are displayed in a tree structure for ease of navigation. For more information, see inSync Management Console.
    • Activity Stream: Use this page to monitor the status of the activities performed on the selected Shared Drive. For more information, see inSync Management Console.
Old UI New UI
  • SharePoint Settings, Discover Site Collection and Add Site Collection

Auto-Configuration, Discover Sites and Add Site Collection

  • SharePoint site details: Summary tab
SharePoint site details: Summary tab
  • SharePoint site details: Summary tab > Edit
  • SharePoint site details: Summary tab > Edit
  • SharePoint site details: Summary tab > Restore
  • SharePoint site details: Backups tab for Restore and Download
  • SharePoint site details: Activity Stream tab
  • SharePoint site details: Activity Stream tab


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