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How to integrate with G Suite?

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As a cloud administrator, you can configure inSync to integrate with G Suite Basic. With G Suite integration, you can govern the user data that is on Gmail and Google Drive.

inSync maps the email address of inSync users to their G Suite account.

inSync uses either of the following information to map the users to their G Suite account

  • Email address of inSync users
  • User Principal Name (UPN) from a configured Active Directory.

To configure the user account access settings, see Configure user account access settings.

Note: The G Suite cloud app is available for Elite and Elite Plus editions only.

The G Suite backup data is considered as part of the organization's overall quota, and not as a part of the user's individual quota. For more information about organization's quota and user's quota, see Assign user quota for data backup.

What G Suite data can you back up and restore?

After inSync integrates with G Suite, you can back up the following items:

  • Gmail contents that include the following items:
    • Emails along with the attachments
    • Calendar events along with links to the attachments
    • Contacts
    • Metadata attributes, which includes the following items:
      • Email – To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Sent On, Received On
      • Attachment – Name, Size
      • Time Stamp - Created, Modified, Received, Sent
      • Labels
  • Google Drive contents that include the following items:
    • Files and folders that are owned by the user or that are shared with the user with download permission.
    • Trash data
    • Comments
    • Metadata attributes, which includes the following items:
      • Title
      • Description
      • Created Date
      • Modified Date
      • File Size
      • Original Filename
      • Owners
      • Last Modifying User
      • Md5checksum

For more information, see How to retrieve metadata attributes of G Suite?

Prerequisites for backing up and restoring G Suite data

 In addition to the prerequisites for backing up cloud apps data, ensure that you have the following:

  • Domain API access is enabled.

    If you use some of the G Suite migration and integration utilities, such as Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) and G Suite Migration for Microsoft® Exchange® (GSMME), you need to enable Domain API access. These utilities use the Directory API, one of the G Suite Domain Admin APIs.

    To enable Domain Admin API access:

    1. Log on to the Google Admin console.

    2. From the dashboard, go to Security > API reference

    3. Select Enable API access

    4. Click Save changes.

  • You have configured inSync to integrate with G Suite. For more information, see How to configure inSync with G Suite?

How to backup and restore G Suite data?

inSyn cloud administrators can back up and restore G Suite data.

To backup and restore G Suite data:

  1. Configure inSync to inSync to integrate with your G Suite administrator account.
  2. Backup G Suite data by creating a profile or updating an existing profile.
  3. Restore G Suite data on the user's desktop or a custom location of your choice.

You can then perform the following tasks:

For information about troubleshooting issues related to G Suite data, see Troubleshooting Cloud Apps issues.