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Protect G Suite Apps

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As a cloud administrator, you can configure inSync to integrate with G Suite Basic. With G Suite integration, you can govern the user data that is on Gmail and Google Drive.

inSync maps the email address of inSync users to their G Suite account.

inSync uses either of the following information to map the users to their G Suite account

  • Email address of inSync users
  • User Principal Name (UPN) from a configured Active Directory.

To configure the user account access settings, see Configure user account access settings.

The G Suite backup data is considered as part of the organization's overall quota, and not as a part of the user's individual quota. For more information about organization's quota and user's quota, see Assign user quota for data backup.

What G Suite data can you back up and restore?

After inSync integrates with G Suite, you can back up the following items:

  • Gmail contents that include the following items:
    • Emails along with the attachments
    • Calendar events along with links to the attachments
      Note: All Google Calendar attachments are saved in the user's Google Drive account. While backing up Google Calendar, inSync backs up the link to the attachment where it is stored on the Google Drive.
    • Contacts
    • Metadata attributes, which includes the following items:
      • Email – To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Sent On, Received On
      • Attachment – Name, Size
      • Time Stamp - Created, Modified, Received, Sent
      • Labels
  • Google Drive contents that include the following items:
    • Files and folders that are owned by the user or that are shared with the user with download permission.
    • Shared Drives
    • Trash data
    • Comments
    • Metadata attributes, which includes the following items:
      • Title
      • Description
      • Created Date
      • Modified Date
      • File Size
      • Original Filename
      • Owners
      • Last Modifying User
      • Md5checksum

For more information, see How to retrieve metadata attributes of G Suite?

Prerequisites for backing up and restoring G Suite data

 In addition to the prerequisites for backing up cloud apps data, ensure that you have the following:

  • Domain API access is enabled.

    If you use some of the G Suite migration and integration utilities, such as Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) and G Suite Migration for Microsoft® Exchange® (GSMME), you need to enable Domain API access. These utilities use the Directory API, one of the G Suite Domain Admin APIs.

    To enable Domain Admin API access:

    1. Log on to the Google Admin console.

    2. From the dashboard, go to Security > API reference

    3. Select Enable API access

    4. Click Save changes.

  • You have configured inSync to integrate with G Suite. For more information, see How to configure inSync with G Suite?

How to backup and restore G Suite data?

inSyn cloud administrators can back up and restore G Suite data.

To backup and restore G Suite data:

  1. Configure inSync to inSync to integrate with your G Suite administrator account.
  2. Backup G Suite data by creating a profile or updating an existing profile.
  3. Restore G Suite data on the user's desktop or a custom location of your choice.

You can then perform the following tasks:

For information about troubleshooting issues related to G Suite data, see Troubleshooting Cloud Apps issues.