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Configure user account access settings


By default, inSync uses the email address of inSync users to map users to their Cloud Apps account. If you have integrated Active Directory (AD) or LDAP with inSync to manage user information, you can configure inSync to use the User Principal Name (UPN) of users for identifying and associating them to their Cloud Apps account.

inSync gets the UPN information through AD Mapping configured to fetch user accounts from configured AD/LDAP with inSync. inSync then automatically gets user details and identifies the user accounts with configured Cloud Apps account.

Only inSync administrators with Cloud Admin role can configure the user account access settings.

Note: To configure Shared Mailbox as part of Office 365 backup,

  • Ensure inSync is configured to use inSync Email ID to access user accounts for Office 365. To configure inSync, see Configure user account access settings.
  • inSync does not support AD Attribute - User Principal Name (UPN) for Shared Mailbox backup.



To update user account access settings,

  1. In the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Data Sources > Cloud Apps. The Manage Cloud App page appears.
  2. Select the Cloud App name for which you want to configure the settings and then click Settings.
    Cloud App Settings dialog box appears.
  3. By default, inSync Email ID is configured for accessing user accounts. To configure inSync to use User Principal Name (UPN) for accessing user accounts, select AD Attribute.
  4. Click OK.