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Druva Documentation

Prerequisites to back up Cloud Apps data

Before you begin with backing up Cloud Apps data, ensure that you have the following:

  • You are logged on to inSync as a Cloud administrator.
  • You have an administrator account for the Cloud Apps data, and you are managing the Cloud Apps users and groups from your administrator account.
  • You have set up any one of the following:
  • At least one inSync Connector is registered and connected to inSync Cloud. inSync Connector acts as a Cloud Apps connector to provide the keys without requiring users to have their devices connected for the Cloud Apps backup. For more information about how to set up an inSync Connector, see Integrate inSync user management with AD/LDAP.
    • For scheduled backup of Cloud Apps data, inSync Connector only needs to be registered with inSync Cloud.  inSync Connector does not need to have any domains or AD mappings added to it. For more information to register the inSync Connector, see Register your AD/LDAP.
    • If  the registered inSync Connectors are not connected, backup of cloud apps data fails.
    • inSync generates a Not Connected alert if inSync Connectoris not connected.
  • If no inSync Connector is registered, then at least one endpoint device (desktop or laptop) for every user in inSync is configured for backup.

The scheduled backups of Cloud Apps data, such as Office 365, Box, or Google Apps, succeed only if at least one inSync Connector is registered or one endpoint (laptop or desktop) is configured for the user at the time of backup.