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Druva Documentation

Supported Cloud Apps Editions

inSync Cloud Editions: File:/tick.png Elite Plus File:/tick.png Elite File:/cross.png Enterprise File:/cross.png Business


Of the available Cloud Apps available in the market, inSync supports the following editions of cloud apps.

Cloud App Supported editions

Microsoft Office 365

*Includes support for OneDrive, Exchange Online, and Sharepoint Online.

  • Business
  • Enterprise
    • E1
    • E3
    • K1
  • Education
    • E5
  • Government
  • Business
    • Starter
    • Business 
    • Enterprise
G Suite
  • G Suite Business
  • G Suite Basic
  • G Suite Enterprise
  • Salesforce Cloud
    • Production environment
      • Professional
      • Enterprise
      • Unlimited
    • Sandbox
  • Platforms supported
    • Classic
    • Lightning

Support matrix for cloud apps

The following matrix provides information about the cloud apps and what tasks are supported by inSync.

Cloud App Data that is backed up Supported tasks
Backup of data Restore of data to a custom location Download of data by  inSync cloud admin and inSync user Enterprise Search Legal Hold *Scan the data for compliance risks



  • User's private files and folders
  • Metadata attributes

Note: inSync user can download data only from inSync Web.

Exchange Online
  • Mailbox (Individual user and Shared)
  • Calendar with metadata
  • Contacts
  • Emails with attachments
  • Archived emails with attachments


Note: inSync user can downloaddata from only inSync Web.

Sharepoint Online
  • Team sites (Office 365 Groups, and Team’s hidden sites)
  • Classic sites

Within a site, inSync backs up the following:

• Subsites

• Document Libraries

• Lists

• Templates

• Assets

• Pages

• Metadata associated with site collections, sites, libraries, list, templates, assets, folders, files, and permissions.

Note: inSync admin can create a copy of the site collection.

Note: inSync user cannot download any data. 


Note: Only search within Site Collections is supported.

  • User's files and folders
  • Shared files and folders
  • Metadata attributes
  • Emails along with the attachments
  • Calendar events along with links to the attachments
  • Contacts
  • Metadata attributes


Note: inSync user can downloaddata from only inSync Web.

*Only the inSync administrator can download calendar events and contacts.

Google Drive
  • Files and folders that are owned by the user or that are shared with the user with download permission
  • Metadata attributes

Note: inSync user can downloaddata from only inSync Web.


  • All Standard and Custom Objects (with all data records)
  • All Notes, Attachments
  • Entire Metadata which includes email templates, dashboards, workflows, rules, users, profiles, and so on.


Note:  Manual backup can be triggered only from Druva inSync app for Salesforce by a Salesforce admin. 





* - Administrators cannot delete, resolve, or quarantine the violations. inSync for CloudApps only supports scanning of data to proactively track, monitor, and get notified for data compliance risks.