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How to back up Box data?

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How to back up Box data?

To back up Box data, you must specify the Box backup settings in an existing profile or in a new profile. For more information, see Create a profile or Update a profile.

inSync will start backing up the user data from Box per the backup schedule that is defined for a profile with Cloud Apps enabled. To know more about how to configure the backup interval for Cloud Apps, see Define the backup interval for cloud apps.

You can see the backup details for Cloud Apps data at User Details page. For more information, see User Details page.

Note: At least one Box device must be online for scheduled backup of Box data.

Additionally, inSync cloud administrator can back up the Box data as and when required. For more information, see Start backup of Box data.

Note: Consider a scenario where your individual folder and a shared folder have the same folder name. In this situation, inSync renames the shared folder as <shared folder name> <internal ID> during backup. inSync does not rename your individual folder. 

Policies applicable to Box data

Following policies, that are defined for a Cloud Apps enabled profile, will be applicable to Box backup data.

  • Backup policy for Cloud Apps data

    Backup policy defines how frequently you want inSync to backup Cloud Apps data. For more information, see Define the backup interval for Cloud Apps.

  • Backup retention policy for Cloud Apps data

    Backup retention policy defines how long inSync will retain the backed up data in storage. For more information, see Configure the backup retention policy.

  • User data privacy policy for Cloud Apps data

    The user data privacy policy defines who can access user data across your organization. For a profile, Cloud Apps and devices are governed by the same data privacy policy. For more information, see Configure the user data privacy policy.

  • Global exclusion policy for Cloud Apps data

    Global exclusion lets you exclude specific file types and folders from inSync backups. For more information, see Configure the global exclude list.

Start backup of Box data


As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can start an unscheduled backup of Box data as and when necessary.


To start backup of Box data

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Availability > Backup. The Backup Overview page appears.
  2. Under the All Data Sources tab, select the Box device whose data you want to back up.
  3. Click Backup Now.

inSync initiates the backup of the Box device. You can view the backup details at the following pages:

Disable Box email notifications for data backup

Users who have enabled Box notifications for any data download activity receive email notifications whenever inSync backs up the Box data of the user as part of the scheduled or manual backups.

As an inSync administrator, you can opt to disable the email notifications when the data is downloaded as a part of the data backup activity. 

To disable the email notifications that the users receive for Box data download, contact Druva Support

Existing inSync Box customers must reconfigure the Box Org in the inSync Management Console to apply the changes and disable the email notifications successfully. For instructions, see Reconfigure Box.