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How to integrate with Box?


Effective September 30, 2020, Druva will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

 See the  EOL policy for Box.


As a cloud administrator, you can configure inSync to integrate with Box by using the Box cloud app that is available through the inSync Master Management Console. With Box integration, you can govern the user data that is on Box cloud application.

inSync maps the email address of inSync users to their Box account.

Note: The Box cloud app is available for Elite and Elite Plus editions only.

The Box backup data is considered as part of the organization's overall quota, and not as a part of the user's individual quota. For more information about organization's quota and user's quota, see Assign user quota for data backup.

What Box data can you back up and restore?

After inSync integrates with Box, you can back up the following items:

  • User's individual files and folders.
  • Files and folders that are shared with the user with download permission.

    inSync backs up all folders that are shared with Box users, except when the user is added as a collaborator with the following access levels:

    • Preview Uploader
    • Previewer
    • Uploader
  • Metadata attributes.

    For more information, see How to retrieve Box metadata attributes?

Prerequisites for backing up and restoring Box data

Before you start backing up Box data, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • You are logged on to inSync as a cloud administrator.
  • You have a Box administrator account and are managing Box users and groups from your account.
  • At least one Box device is online.
  • You have configured inSync to integrate with Box. For more information, see How to configure inSync with Box?

How to backup and restore Box data?

inSync cloud administrators can back up and restore Box data.

To backup and restore Box data:

  1. Configure inSync to integrate with your Box administrator account.
  2. Back up Box data by creating a profile or updating an existing profile.
  3. Restore Box data on the user's desktop or a custom location of your choice.

You can then perform the following tasks: