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Download data using inSync Direct Download utility

You can download legal hold data using inSync Direct Download utility in three following steps:

  1. Download CSV containing details of users on legal hold and their WebDAV details
  2. Download inSync Direct Download utility
  3. Run inSync Direct Download utility to download data of users on legal hold

Download CSV containing user details 

This procedure provides the steps to download the CSV which contains WebDAV details of users placed on legal hold. inSync Direct Download utility uses this CSV to download user data.

To download the CSV containing user details:

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Governance > Legal Hold. All the existing legal hold policies are displayed.
  2. Click the Legal hold policy for which you want to download WebDAV data. Legal Holds page for the selected policy is displayed.
  3. Click Download CSV on any of the SummaryUsers, or Data Access tabs, whichever is active.
    Download CSV is present on all three tabs. Download CSV dialog box appears.
  4. Under Select User for Direct Download tab, the list of all the users who are put on legal hold is displayed. Select the users for which you want to download WebDAV data. Selected users are then listed under Selected Users tab.
  5. Click the Selected Users tab to see the list of selected users. Verify the users for which you want to download WebDAV data. Here, you can also remove the unwanted users by clicking on their Username.
  6. Once verified, click Download CSV on the dialog box.
  7. Select the desired location on your computer, where you want to save the WebdavDirectDownload.csv, and click Save.
  8. Download and open the .csv file to view the legal hold user details.

WebdavDirectDownload.csv contains the following details that inSync Direct Download utility uses to download WebDAV data.

Field Description
User Email id     Email address of the user put on legal hold.
WebDAV URL WebDAV URL for each device of the user. 
Device Name Name of the user’s device.
Data Size (bytes) Size of the Last Backup data on the user device in bytes.

Device Category

Source of the data from where it was backed up.

inSync – Data is collected from user’s device, on which inSync is installed.

Cloudapps – Data is collected from user’s cloudapp account configured to backup using inSync.

Additional WebDAV property

Additional WebDAV properties for the user, if any.

Applicable only for Cloud apps.

Note: The contents of the CSV downloaded using the above procedure are critical for the inSync Direct Download utility. Hence, Druva recommends that you to refrain from affecting any edits to the downloaded CSV file. To capture profile and other updates in the CSV file, download the CSV file again.

Download inSync Direct Download utility 

Download the latest inSync Direct Download utility using the steps described below. Some of the new parameters introduced for the utility may not work with the older versions of the utility.

To download inSync Direct Download utility:

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Governance > Legal Hold. All the existing legal hold policies are displayed.
  2. Click the Legal hold policy for which you want to download inSync Direct Download utility. Summary tab for the selected policy is displayed.
  3. Click Data Access tab. 
    1. Under WebDAV Access Details, click the Click here link in front of inSync Direct Download. The  inSync Direct Download webpage opens. 
      The webpage displays download options of the following operating systems for 64-bit systems:
      Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1,10
      Mac OS  versions 10.9, 10.10,10.11, 10.12
      Ubuntu versions 14.04, 15.04, 16.04, 17.04
      Cent OS 6.6, 7.1 
  4. Click the correct Download option based on your OS. The utility gets downloaded to your system.

Note: The utility supports only 64-bit client systems. 

Run the inSync Direct Download utility 

Use your cloud administrator or legal administrator credentials to run this utility.

Before you begin

Perform the following pre-checks before you run the utility:

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the utility.
  • Make sure the download location has enough free space to accommodate the data. Accurate check works only if the latest restore point is set as access type.
  • Leave some free space for the database files and the logs files that are created in the download location.
  • To resume an interrupted download:
    • Use the same CSV used previously.
    • The CSV file location and the download location for WebDAV data must be same, as specified in the earlier request.
  • Ensure robust network connectivity if you use Network Attached Storage (NAS) as a download location. Weak network may result in download failures.

Download WebDAV data

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt on your system.
  2. If you are using Linux or Mac, you must set appropriate file permissions, so that you can execute the inSync Direct Download utility.
    For example:  chmod a+x Users/Ernie/Downloads/inSyncDirectDownload 
  3. If you are using Mac, set the ulimit value to 1024 with the following command.

    ulimit -n 1024
  4. Navigate to folder where the inSync Direct Download utility is downloaded and run the following command specific to your OS.

    On Linux and Mac:

    ./inSyncDirectDownload -u <admin email id> -p <admin password> -l <location for downloading the data> -c <location of the csv file>

    On Windows

    inSyncDirectDownload.exe -u <admin email id> -p <admin password> -l <location for downloading the data> -c <location of the csv file>


    • Do not make any changes (such as changing name of the legal hold policy, changing access type of the legal hold policy, changing user/device name for which data is being downloaded, or any other changes) to the legal hold policy when the data download is in progress.
    • Do not modify or delete database files created in the download location by the tool.
    In the above command:


    Specify the email address of the Cloud or Legal Administrator running the inSync Direct Download utility.


    Specify the location (absolute path) where the WebDAV data should be downloaded. You can specify local computer or a file server as your download location.


    Specify the absolute path of the WebdavDirectDownload CSV, downloaded earlier.


    Verify the version of the inSync Direct Download utility. 



    Specify the password of the Cloud or Legal Administrator running the inSync Direct Download utility.

    Note: If the password is specified with the command, the password is visible. If you do not specify the password with the command, you are prompted to enter the password after you run the command. The password can then be provided in masked format.



    Specify this argument to run the WebDAV download process in the background. This argument is applicable only on Linux and Mac OS.



    Specify this argument if you want to download only metadata.


    (for proxy)

    Specify the HTTPS proxy details with this argument. Not necessary if proxy is not configured in your environment.

    -x  https://<username>:<password>@<proxy ip>:<proxy port> 


In the following examples, the default location of inSync Direct Download utility is assumed as follows:

  • The commands are run from the folder where the inSync Direct Download utility is saved.
  • admin email id:
  • Admin password: admin123 
  • Data download location on Mac or Linux: /Users/Ernie/Documents/Legal_Hold_Case_September2016
  • Data download location on Windows: C:\Users\Ernie\Documents\Legal_Hold_Case_September2016

To find the version of inSync Direct Download utility:

On Linux and Mac OS:

./inSyncDirectDownload -v 

On Windows OS

inSyncDirectDownload.exe -v 

To download WebDAV data:


On Linux and Mac OS:

./inSyncDirectDownload –u -p admin123 -l /Users/Ernie/Documents/Legal_Hold_Case_September2016 –c /Users/Ernie/Downloads/WebdavDirectDownload.csv

On Windows OS

inSyncDirectDownload.exe –u -p admin123 -l C:\Users\Ernie\Documents\Legal_Hold_Case_September2016 –c C:\Users\Ernie\Downloads\WebdavDirectDownload.csv

To download WebDAV data in an environment with proxy configured where:

  • username: OfficeProxy
  • password: abc123
  • proxy ip:
  • proxy port: 251

On Linux and Mac OS:

./inSyncDirectDownload –u -p admin123 -l /Users/Ernie/Documents/Legal_Hold_Case_September2016 –c /Users/Ernie/Downloads/WebdavDirectDownload.csv -x https:\\OfficeProxy:abc123198.168.50.242:251

On Windows OS

inSyncDirectDownload.exe –u -p admin123 -l \Users\Ernie\Documents\Legal_Holdabc123@

See WebDAV Direct Download directory structure and .csv file properties section for information on the downloaded files. The progress and error logs display and store the following information when you run the utility:

Progress log:

  • User ID of the user on legal hold whose data is downloaded
  • Device ID or cloud app name in case of cloud apps devices
  • WebDAV url of the device data from where the data will be downloaded
  • Date and time stamp of each download performed by the utility
  • Progress status of each download

Error log:

  • Device ID for which an errors is logged.
  • WebDAV url of the device for which there was error in download.
  • Retrying interval in seconds, when the earlier attempt to download has failed
  • Date and time stamps as data download errors 

Verify data download status of inSync Direct Download utility 

To verify the data download status, check the  "inSyncDirectDownload Completed" and "inSyncDirectDownload Aborted" log messages for completed and aborted downloads respectively