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View last backup details of users on legal hold

This section describes how an inSync Cloud or a Legal Administrator can view the status of last backup from devices and cloud apps of users placed on legal hold. 

View last backup details of all user data sources

  1. On inSync Management Console menu bar, click Governance > Legal Hold and click Legal Holds on the left pane.
    The Legal Holds page opens and displays all the legal hold policies.
  2. Click the legal hold policy of the user placed on legal hold.
  3. In the Custodians section, click the number in the Data Sources column for whom you want to view the data sources.
    A list of details of the data sources that are associated with the custodian are displayed. 

list of data sources of a user.png

The Data Sources window is displayed with the following information:

Name Devices backed up for the user.
Status Shows whether the device is Enabled or Disabled.
Last Completed Backup Date and time of last backup from each device.
Backup Data Size of last backup
Total Backup Data Size of the data backed up till the last backup.

Last Backup Status

Displays one of the following values:

  • Never Backed up: Default status before the first backup.
  • Backup Failed: Last backup has failed.
  • Backed up with errors: Last backup completed with errors.
  • In progress: Backup is in progress.
  • Backed up Successfully: Last backup completed successfully without errors.
  • Inactive: inSync has marked the device as inactive and hence, it was not backed up.
  • Backup Throttled: Backup blocked due to throttling issues, such as continuous inSync requests to the app getting blocked by the Cloud App provider.  This status is displayed only if the data source is a Cloud App.
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